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I.mx6ul evk critical temperature reached

Question asked by Vikneshwar Thandeswaran on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by igorpadykov


we are using the I.MX6UL evk board for development.

we pulled the codec MAIN mic bias voltage to 12v externally to test with the external mic and it worked well. but after some time, the board started throwing the message "temperature is exceeding" so immediately we turned it off and tried powering up after some time. again during the bootup, it is throwing  "temperature exceed so shutting down " so we turned off the device and started testing the board for short in the power lines but nothing is found. 

we are stuck. so don't know how to recover the SOM board. so please help us. 

we are attaching the image of the circuit chage we made and debug port message window. please refer to it and reply ASAP .CIRCUIT CHANGE MADE EXTERNALLYTEMPERATURE EXCEEDING MESSAGESTOPING IN THE MIDDLE OF BOOTUP@