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Flash Magic issues with NSH3100

Question asked by shady elmakhzangy on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by Dries Moors

Hello everybody,


I am using the Flash magic V10.96.4956 to download a Hex file on an NHS3100 throuh the SWD over Link2 interface. I have two boards that faces a different kind of issues:


1- The first board states that "Failed to read the device signature (Operation Failed. (reading signature)). Accessing a device using the wrong protocol could render the device unsuable. Do you want to continue?"

The debugging file for this board is flashmagic-20180622-075751.fmd.


2- The other board states that "Operation Failed. Failed to autobaud - step1."

The debugging file for this board is flashmagic-20180622-080218.fmd.


Can anybody help me?



Shady R. Elmakhzangy