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Use Master Reload signal as the source for counter initialization

Question asked by THOMAS PHAM Employee on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by THOMAS PHAM

Dear all,

I'm using MPC5744P and trying to use Master Reload signal from submodule 0 as the source for submodule 1 counter initialization.

In submodule 0, I set up reloading point as full-cycle reload and reload every 1 opportunity. As stated in RM "the period of the counter will be locked to the register reload frequency of submodule0". Therefore, I expected the submodule 1 counter to reset when it reaches the modulo value (VAL1) of submodule 0.

The problem here is the submodule 1 counter does not reset at the time master reload signal asserts and it count all the way up to 0xFFFF (maximum register value) then reset.

I'd like to ask if I'm misunderstanding anything or there should be some more configuration to make it work.

Thank you for reading!