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S32K144: FlexRAM as Emulated EEPROM Initial Values?

Question asked by Mahmoud Sherrah on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Mahmoud Sherrah

I succeeded in configuring FlexRAM as emulated EEPROM and it is working as expected. I only wanted to know how to set initial values in this EEPROM.


I tried to do the following (struct initialization):

typedef struct

      uint8_t u8;

      uin16_t u16;
} eeerom_data_t;

__attribute__ ((section(".eeeprom"))) eeerom_data_t eeerom_data = {.u8 = 12, .u16 = 3456};

But unfortunately didn't work, I think because the FlexRAM area is set to 1's on flashing the software to S32K144.


Is there any way to achieve initial values of FlexRAM as emulated EEPROM? Thanks