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rule to set LALE timing?

Question asked by Yun Zuo on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by Yun Zuo

I'm trying to set timing parameters for a Nor Flash working on the GPCM mode on a P2020 board.The LALE timing can be set by OR[EAD] and LCRR[EADC] per P2020RM:

EAD: External address latch delay. Allow extra bus clock cycles when using external address latch (LALE).
      0 No additional bus clock cycles (LALE asserted for one bus clock cycle only)
      1 Extra bus clock cycles are added (LALE is asserted for the number of bus clock cycles specified by LCRR[EADC]).

But I did not find any rule or guide on how to set the timing for LALE. Can you give me some suggestion?

Thanks in advance.