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WEC2013 Unable to enable BT radio internal error 1359

Question asked by Kartik Javali on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by Gary Bisson

I have been working on Boundary Devices Nitrogen 6x development board and have loaded WEC2013 OS. As we know, the Bluetooth chip is wired to COM3 on the board. We also know that WEC2013 has a built-in v2.1 BT stack that uses HCI transport. I have used IOMUX tool to generate correct configuration for my COM3. The Bluetooth UART transport has been set to use BUILT_IN UART COM3.

As OS boots and I have enabled BT loadable driver in my OS, it tries to put BT radio in ON state, towards this, it sends some command from HCIUART.cxx file, this happens from the kernel. I get "Unable to put BT radio to On state, internal error 0x1359". When I started debugging, strangely, I saw that there was no activity on Tx pin of COM3 UART. Upon further debugging, I found that COM3 would work fine as a mdd/pdd driver, however, when HCI command is sent, it is unable to transmit the data on Tx.

The way I checked the correctness of COM3 working is that I see signals on my DSO, whenever I disable RTC/CTS in my DCB object configuration file. However, when I enable RTS/CTS, then the pulses are not seen on Tx pin.

So do you know any reason, why would COM3 not work for WEC2013 BT stack?

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