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Problem on T4240 thermal diode with ADT7481reading temperature.

Question asked by dhana sekaran on Jun 21, 2018
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Hi all!

      I read ADT7481 Temperature registers. From this i got only its local temperature as a correct reading but other two remote temperatures are always remains zero. According to the configuration register measurements happens round robin

method method and from data-sheet of T4240 thermal diodes are not functional one(de-featured). If am i right then the output i got zero(temperature) for remote temperate correct one so their is no thermal unit to use.


Please clarify my doubt thank you all!


            QorIQ T4240 Data Sheet, Rev. 1, 05/2016

               3.1.2 Recommended operating conditions

                        8. Keep this pin biased to the specified voltage, despite the thermal monitoring unit being de-featured.