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kenerl with same port name

Question asked by karl jiang on Jun 20, 2018
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I have been developed APEX in S32V234 by using S32DS for vision .I can creat kernels with different port names , and then emit it APU_KERNELS. That is what I doing .

But in some complex cases , 2 or more kernels would be used to describe solution. In these solutions , Kernel’s ports would in same name just with different attribute of  IN/OUT . To describe my question ,some code and pictures were provided :The follow code is part of Hog_acf.cpp in S32DS’demo,as “GRADIENT_MAGNITUDE” could be found in kernel of “HOG_getGradient” and  “HOG_getCellHistograms”.

The picture was I build kernels in S32DS, I tried to make the same port also,but it remind a error of cannot same port name . That made me confused and hope to get the right way to solve it.

Mail attachment is my S32DS project and some Instructions of my question.