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USB Multilink universal Rev D not recognized by CodeWarrior 10.7

Question asked by maxime bezanilla on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by maxime bezanilla

Good morning,

I am trying to program a MC56F82743 DSC using the USB Multilink Universal RevD from P&E. I am encountering a lot of problems doing so; it is quite disturbing since a few people on forums seem to have the same problem I do, but no work-around appears to work for me. I may be doing something wrong ? I am new to both CodeWarrior and U-Multilink.

Anyway, I have tried a few things, such as updating everything, without results.

Now I am getting a new error when I try to flash the device:

"Error executing task MC56F82743. Wrong expression ${ProjDirPath}/Project_Settings/Debugger/MC56F82743.tcl; Could not expand variable ProjDirPath"

I also have the (much worse) error :

"An error occured while connecting to the interface hardware or target specified il the Launch Configuration Dialog. For this launch, you may retry/re-specify the connection with the following parameters

USB Multilink - USB Port

UMultilink Universal Rev ? on USB1 (Name=PEM91BD67)"

But... ProjDirPath is already set to C:/some/thing/good. It's odd.

I won't stop looking around until I find a solution; but if you have some ideas, I'll thank you very much.