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CodeWarrior TAP Continually Triggers System Reset Interrupt

Question asked by Ryan Brown on Jun 19, 2018

I have a "new" CodeWarrior CWH-CTP-BASE-HE USB TAP (900-76173, Rev G) that I'm trying to use with Mobile GT 9.2 in Windows 7 with a Lite5200B development board. Using an older TAP in the same setup (same probe tip, same cable, same dev board), I have no issues. Using this TAP, the debugger downloads my application with no problems, but continually enters/breaks at b __reset (0x0100 System Reset) in vectors.asm. I get the same results when using as an ethernet TAP instead of a USB TAP. I have already followed the instructions in AN4338 multiple times and am still seeing the same issues. I have also installed Codewarrior 8.8 with the 8.8.6 patch. Any help would greatly appreciated.