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lpc5460x "Hello world vcom" sample problem on USB1

Question asked by cybaluke on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Miguel Mendoza

Hi, I'm working with the sample demo "lpcxpresso54608_hello_world_virtual_com" from SDK 2.4.0 with an LPC54608, I'm using MCUxpresso 10.2.0 and my board is the OM13092UL.

When I work on USB0 (on J3 FullSpd) the dbg console is routed on VCOM as I expected.

When I try to change the virtual com from USB0 to USB1 port (J2 HighSpd) changing the settings:


/*! @brief LPC USB IP3511 FS instance count */

/*! @brief LPC USB IP3511 HS instance count */


when I launch the debug session of the new code the host WIN10 O.S. get an error and it doesn't recognize the new virtual com device attached. What I'm missing to changing from USB0 to USB1 the VCOM on this sdk sample code?