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i.MX RT1050 SJC Secure Mode

Question asked by Benjamin De Coninck on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Michael Galda



I am trying to use the Secure Mode in the i.MXRT 1050 Secure JTAG Controller. The SRM documentation describes the activation of the JTAG in secure mode in section


Of course, this requires setting in fuse map SJC_RESP desired value at 0x600 (7 bytes), and JTAG_SMODE at 0x460[23:22] to 01.


My question is, what is the tool/procedure to interact with the TAP controller to send the proper instructions and to get challenge code, present response, and validate that the authentication is successful ? I have a Segger J-Link probe, and I am using MCUXpresso IDE. with a IMXRT1050-EVKB.