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Jump to application from bootloader

Question asked by Ravindra Lature on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Diana Batrlova

Hello NXP team/developers,
I am using S32K144.

Flash bootloader : 0x00-0xc000

Application : 0xc000-0x7ffff

Application reset handler : 0xc401(thumb instruction set)


Problem: After jumping to application, it stucks in OS_enable_interrupt function.

Below are some scenarioes :

Case 1:  Flashed only application, it works fine.

Case 2: Flashed both FBL and application. Application stucks in hardfault.

Case 3: Flashed both FBL and application. Erased FBL first sector(0x00-0xFFF), Application works fine.


Also, in application startup file, VTABLE is reassigned to VTOR_Reg.


Why application is not running with FBL?

Thank you in advance.

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