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LPC 4350 SGPIO Camera interface

Question asked by Dudi Sasson on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Hui_Ma


i am trying to use the LPC4350 SGPIO camera interface. 

i followed the example code and i am able to get the data the camera. 

the problem is that until i get the data from the last slices, the content of the reg_ss is already changed.

the BASE_CLK_PERIPH is 200MB, the PIXCLK from the sensor is 20MB.


i am using the SGPIO interrupt from M4 and the SDRAM i am writing to is connected using the EMC interface.

the code i am using when getting an interrupt from slice A is as follows:

if (r->status_1 & 1)


r->clr_status_1 = 0x1;


*pxl_p++ = r->reg_ss[pin7Slice];

*pxl_p++ = r->reg_ss[pin6Slice];

*pxl_p++ = r->reg_ss[pin5Slice];

*pxl_p++ = r->reg_ss[pin4Slice];

*pxl_p++ = r->reg_ss[pin3Slice];

*pxl_p++ = r->reg_ss[pin2Slice];

*pxl_p++ = r->reg_ss[pin1Slice];

*pxl_p++ = r->reg_ss[pin0Slice];



any idea how can solve it?