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Where is the PFE firmware in the LS1012A binaries?

Question asked by Tim Hammer on Jun 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

At one point during my experiments writing firmware parts to the QSPI flash memory on my LS1012A-Freedom board, it appeared that I had “broken” the PFE firmware:

      PFE Firmware: Bad firmware image (not a FIT image)

I was unable to determine the correct firmware part and location to recover from this, so ended up just programming a complete firmware image from flexbuild into the QSPI flash to recover the board.


The Getting Started Guide flash layout says that the PFE binary is in the same 1Mbyte block as the U-Boot boot loader binary (although other research and questions/answers indicate that information is generally incorrect).

The Layerscape flash layout information does not call out the PFE binary as a separate entity.


When I build using the Yocto-based distribution (based on YP 2.5), there is a file created in the tmp/deploy/images/{board}/ directory: ppa-{board}-{timestamp}.itb.
Is this the correct file to write to the PPA firmware address (0x00400000) in the QSPI flash?


I would like confirmation that the PFE Firmware error I saw would be fixed by writing the proper PPA firmware image to the proper address.

Thank you!