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How do I modify the LS1012A QSPI flash memory layout?

Question asked by Tim Hammer on Jun 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

Is there any way to modify the placement of the U-Boot binary, U-Boot environment, and PPA FIT image in the QSPI? If we will never need the currently allocated amount of space for each item, I could shift everything down and have more memory for a small kernel/dtb/rootfs image, or use a smaller QSPI flash part.
I have looked through the PBL configuration documents I have found, but I do not see anything that indicates it is possible.

The PBI data used to create the PBL image does have a file uboot_address.rcw with commands to write some values:

write 0x570604, 0x40100000
write 0x57015c, 0x50100000
write 0x570600, 0x00000000


Based on the file name, I thought it might be what I was looking for, but the values do not make sense with either layout I have seen. Nor do the addresses to which the values are witten make much sense- according to the LS1012A reference manual (assuming these addresses are in the SCFG memory map), address 0x604 and 0x600 are in the scratch read/write registers, and 0x15c is the register for the QSPI clock source/enable/disable. Perhaps the PBL code uses these locations differently, but I have not found anything that helps me understand that. And I have found nothing about the PPA firmware location.

I appreciate any and all help.