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K27 SPI Interrupt Mode Chip Select

Question asked by Santosh balakrishnan on Jun 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by Edgar Eduardo Lomeli Gonzalez


I have a K27 based board, and i am attempting to use interrupt based SPI transfers. I have got chip select set for PCS0, and the controller is the master.

cmdData.isPcsContinuous = true;
cmdData.whichCtar = kDSPI_MasterCtar0;
cmdData.whichPcs = MASTER_PCS;
cmdData.isEndOfQueue = false;
cmdData.clearTransferCount = false;

DSPI_ClearStatusFlags(SPI, kDSPI_AllStatusFlag);
DSPI_EnableInterrupts(SPI, kDSPI_RxFifoDrainRequestInterruptEnable|kDSPI_TxFifoFillRequestInterruptEnable);



Chip select is not being pulled down when i attempt to use interrupt based transfers. In blocking mode, transactions are good - chip select is pulled down, Serial In and Serial Out can see data, and slave responds as expected. However when i attempt interrupt mode, Chip Select does assert at all - it just stays high. I followed the K28 example - would appreciate any pointers on what i am missing.