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IMX6 MIPI on Virtual Chanel 0

Question asked by joachim Jaehn on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by joachim Jaehn

Hi @all

I use the IMX.6QDL on an  DartMX6 Board from Varicite. I would like to use an MIPI CMOS Gray scale Senor (IMX290). I have running an other Sensor on Virtual Chanel 1. It works without problems. But it is Impossible to change the Virtual Chanel from the IMX290. So i have to use the Virtual Chanel 0. Now i got problems if i change the virtual Chanel of the old Sensor to 0 and the new sensor will not work too. See Attach. If I darken the sensor the image will also darken. So the data comes from the sensor. But I don't get a stable picture.


Both sensors use MIPI with 4Lanes, a data rate of 594Mbps and the data format RAW10. I can't find the differences between VC0 and VC1.

VC0 >  MUX Parallel >  IPU0 CSI0 > SMFC  IDMAC > Memory

VC1 >                            IPU0 CSI1 > SMFC > IDMAC > Memory


I can't find the Problem. can anyone help me?