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how to use spi module of mcal in autosar about mpc5744

Question asked by Ren Wang on Jun 14, 2018

I has configured the spi module by EB treos and realized synmode between mcu and external AD module. I used some spi-driver interface like Spi_WriteIB Spi_SyncTransmit to send data of  auto-mode 1 ,and then I can get the right rxdata from AD module. 

But  now when I want to realize the asymode,firstly I reconfigured the spi module to asymode and replaced Spi_SyncTransmit  with Spi_AsyncTransmit ,the same time after spi_init() ,I used Spi_SetAsyncMode to choose interrupt mode. Now there is interrupt named Spi_Dspi_IsrTCF_DSPI_0 in mcal ,anyelse interrupt service needed?

Who can teel me whatelse I should do because  I am newguy with autosar mcal alone.

Thank you very much!