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Unable to select FreeRTOS as an OS in New Project Wizard screen

Question asked by Joseph Jean-Jacques on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Joseph Jean-Jacques

Hello Everyone,


I am trying to create a new project using the SDK for the Kinetis K65 MCU, which I was able to create via MCUXpresso SDK builder and import it in the IDE successfully. When I arrive at the 'Configure the project' screen, under 'OS', I am only able to select "baremetal". I don't see any option to select FreeRTOS as shown in the following video tutorial: Create, Build and Debug SDK Project  @ the 2:05 mins mark. 


I am trying to import/adapt one of the many FreeRTOS demo apps to the K65. I tried looking into the MCUXpresso User Guide, but it only provides advice on debugging FreeRTOS within the MCUXpresso IDE. 


Once again, any help/pointers is greatly appreciated.