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Copying/moving a CW project

Question asked by Luca Matteini on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by ZhangJennie

I found an hard task in copying/moving a CW project to a different location, as every time I reopen the workspace I see the message "Invalid workspace in use", with a box redirecting me to switch to another one.

I tried the following methods (that I felt should work...):

  • Simple import
    • Opening a new workspace, in an empty directory
    • File->Import...->Existing project into workspace, from the old project to new one
  • Components import
    • From original workspace: File->Export...->Export Board Configuration, to a .peb file
    • Opening a new workspace, in an empty directory
    • Creating a project for my DSC (56F8037)
    • File->Import...->Apply board configuration, from the .peb file
    • File->Import...->File system, from the original Sources files

Both methods create full working projects, compiled and tested as good on board, however I'm still with the "Invalid workspace in use" message.

As the second method copies just the .peb file which could have references(?) from the original, I think it should be the cause(...)

I'm using CW 11.0 on Windows