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MPC5744P DEVKIT Using S32 SDK 0.9.0 BETA

Question asked by chuluezhong on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by chuluezhong

I am trying to test the FlexCAN module using the S32 SDK 0.9.0 BETA for the MPC5744P. I have tried loading the example code, which on reception of a CAN message toggles the DEVKIT LEDs and also sends CAN messages when the switches are pressed. I am using a Vector VN1610 CAN-to-USB to communicate with the board when running, however, I seem to not be able to receive or send data to the board this way. On debug, I see that the program is stuck in the loop


I have also monitored the signals from the CAN ports on the DEVKIT as well as the Vector VN1610 and I can read signals on the scope so I am unsure why the the transfer status cannot 'finish' i.e. the loop is infinite.

i have attached my set-up as well as the tests I have made on the oscilloscope.