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LSDK 18.03: flex-installer: line 362: /run/media/sdd3/etc/hostname: Permission denied

Question asked by marje on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

I'm trying to install LSDK 18.03 images to SD card with command flex-installer under regular user:

$ flex-installer -b bootpartition_arm64_lts_4.14.tgz -r build/rfs/rootfs_ubuntu_xenial_arm64 -m ls1043ardb -d /dev/sdd


but it fails with error:

LSDK-18.03/flexbuild/tools/flex-installer: line 362: /run/media/sdd3/etc/hostname: Permission denied


I've checked the problematic line in this script.

echo "$distroname.$machine" > /run/media/${devpartname}3/etc/hostname


In this script only this line does not using sudo, but it should when modifying files on target media. It works for me, if I change this line to:

echo "$distroname.$machine" | sudo tee /run/media/${devpartname}3/etc/hostname


Does this fix make sense to you?