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USB TAP downloading problem after change in PWM comp to independent

Discussion created by Sachin Gole on Nov 9, 2008
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I have 56F8013 controller board and USB TAP. I am using CW_DSC56800E_V8_2_3_SE version.

My application is to control BLDC motor.
From code warrior processor expert stationary I have selected PWM_example.
After that Added PWM bean. by default PWM was complementary.
compiled and downloaded code it starts generating output, observed on 6 LED's connected to PWM output. I haven't connected motor to the board.

Now i changed PWM complementary to independent. compile and downloaded code using 56F800E flash programmer.

After that board started restarting continuously. so i make PWM complementary and tried to download code. it wont download and say cable disconnected.

POWER ON (D3), Fault to (D1) LED's from controller board and POWER (D7) from Power board flashes continuously.

I think I need erase code first? how i need to do.

What might be the problem ?

I am attaching log file and board image/photo.



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