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get dali data by capture

Question asked by jay ch on Jun 14, 2018

dali on lpc1343, use NXP SDK project, time0cap0 dali_rx connect to p1.5

i only get two times interrupts with JLINK debuger,   no other code calls SET_TIMER_REG_CCR at this phrase

I send dali forward frame to the board DALI bus by a switch pannel

there should be 19 times interrupts i think


1, setting

SET_TIMER_REG_CCR(7); //enable interrupt, capture on both edges
SET_TIMER_REG_MCR(0); // match0 int disable
SET_TIMER_REG_TCR(0x02); //reset timer
SET_TIMER_REG_TCR(0x01); //bit0 is 1 timer is enabled


2, capture handler