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T2080 disable devices

Question asked by Eloy Soto on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov



I've a question and maybe someone could help me. To disable devices on T2080 it's stated that you can use DCFG_CCSR_DEVDISRx registers (from T2080 Reference Manual, for example "DEVDISR1 provides a mechanism for gating clocks to IP blocks that are not used when running an application.").


But if you go, for example, to I2C peripheral control register I2Cx_I2CCR has the MEN bit to enable/disable the module.

So here we have two ways for disabling it: using the DCFG_CCSR_DEVDISRx register or the I2Cx_I2CCR one. ¿What's the real difference between them? I know that the first one reduces the SoC power consumption, but from the safety point of view, ¿does the second one (disabling the device) performs any action over the physical SoC outputs (pins)?