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Flux Automatic Parameter Measurement

Question asked by Derek Cook on Jun 13, 2018
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I have 2 projects, one sensored and one sensorless. I am using the same hardware and motor for both of these. In the sensorless project, I can use the default 14.99% for the flux motor parameter identification, and the rotation is very smooth. This is not the case for the sensored project. In this project, once I start the motor identification at 14.99%, I get an overspeed fault because the motor takes off very fast. Not at all like the sensorless project. 


In the sensored project it works just fine if I put the calculations for resistance, inductance and flux from the motor datasheet in. I can run position control and speed control just fine, and have been for around a month now. I am unsure why the automatic parameter flux measurement does not work? The inertia measurement works fine, and it will work if I set the parameter for flux identification to less than 5%, but it still does not spin smoothly, it makes a couple of quick jolts, and I do not trust this measurement. 


Have you seen this before, or know what would cause this?