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LPC5460x USB composite MSC to SPIFI flash example

Question asked by cybaluke on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by cybaluke

Hi everybody, I am just starting a project using LPC5460x  and  MCUXPRESSO IDE, I need to have a USB composite interface to manage a USB virtual com port to control the main embedded app from a host PC and a USB MassStorageClass interface to download some data files (they are a couple of .bin files for other micro/dsp on the board and other files of raw data used by the main app) from the host PC to the SPIFI flash on board (MX25L12835FM2I-10G). Note: all the embedded firmware functions will run in internal LPC flash.

Could you suggest me the right example for LPC5460x to starting from to code a USB Mass Storage Class that can write data files from the host PC to SPIFI flash and can you suggest how (if it is possible) to port it in a composite VirtualCom and Mass Storage Class?

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