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CSEc code yields two different UID's?

Question asked by gearhead1107 on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by TONG ZHOU

I'm trying to load crypto keys into my S32 using the example project "1_Configure_part_and_Load_keys", but the "GET_UID()" function yields two different results in the example vs my project on the same part (CSE_PRAM->RAMn[11].DATA_32 is different after the operation, so this seems to be an issue with the example)


The UID generated by the example is different only in the last byte - 21120833 vs 21120865 - while the upper 3 integers are identical, as shown in the two screenshots of the debug instances.


Interestingly, the driver function "CSEC_DRV_GetID" yields something totally different than the example.. is the example just incorrect?


I have attached screenshots of 

UID from the NXP example

{14, 1162432521, 909643814, 21120833}

UID from my project running NXP code 

{14, 1162432521, 909643814, 21120865}

UID from the Driver function which returned "STATUS_SUCCESS"

{edit - this output is erroneous due to some pointer incompatibility - it's the same as the above in RAM}


This is a 0N57U based eval board