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Capacitors with 16Mhz crystal in NXP Kinetis MK66 at 180Mhz.

Discussion created by Luis Hernandez Salvador on Jun 12, 2018
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I have doubts, about whether it is really necessary, to put two capacitors using a 16Mhz crystal with the NXP Kinetis MK66 microcontroller at 180Mhz.


I think I read somewhere, that capacitors are only necessary when using crystals of up to 8Mhz. For example in the Teensy 3.6 that uses a Kinetis MK66, according to the scheme there are no capacitors with the 16Mhz crystal, on the other hand I have designs with STM32 with 8Mhz crystal and it does not start if I do not put the capacitors.

So, the question is when it is necessary to put capacitors with the microcontroller's oscillator crystal.


My current schematic with MK66 (LQFP 144 pin)

My current schematic with MK66 (LQFP 144 pin)



Teensy 3.6 Schematic with MK66 (BGA)