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S12 XGATE Debugging

Discussion created by Mike Skinner on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2008 by DPB
Hi all,
I am trying to choose a processor for my next project. My previouse project used a S12 device, and worked very well, the only problem I had towards the end was a bit of a squeeze on RAM resources. A good code trim seemed to sort it out!!
So I am thinking of going towards an S12XE device for my new project - they seem cheaper (I guess Freescale want to puch their new devices) and I am thinking that some of my driver code could be re-used, or at least retain the same style. As a bonus, I can also re-use the Metrowerks license I have!!
Debugging on the particular S12 device we chose previously was quite bad - the silicon had a bug that meant the trace facility in Metrowerks would not function, and only 2 breakpoints - felt like the 1980's...
So, my question is - is the debugging on the S12X devices any better?
Especially with the trace support - is this a useful feature - I'm thinking that with the additional XGATE accelaration there's a good chance the Trace module can get confused, or that debugging without Trace is a nightmare?
Any experiences, general gut feelings, recommendations gratefully received.