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Interoperating Linux/Windows environments

Question asked by Luca Matteini on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by ZhangJennie

I'm trying(!) to copy a CW DSC workspace with PE components (DSC 56F8037, CW 11.0) from Windows to a Linux environment (CW 10.2, as the latest), and it appears (to me) as hard as converting from a totally different world.


The paths are all a mess, since the Windows version doesn't just save them with backslashes ('\') instead of slashes ('/') but it also mixes all the uppercase/lowercase naming, see as an example

  "${CW_Compiler}\M56800E Support\msl\MSL_C\DSP_56800E\lib"

  "${CW_Compiler}\m56800e support\msl\msl_c\dsp_56800e\lib\msl c 56800e.lib"

these two above are in the same Settings page for DSC Linker (and yes, the second is not even close to real names on disk); on Windows it works (by chance, I'd say), on Linux it won't.


Since I'm finding a lot of weird settings like these, I wonder if is there a recommended way to port code between the two host platforms -- just before I need to almost reconstruct everything (...)