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Connecting 12 bit bayer camer to parallel camera interface (IPU)

Question asked by Satyan Raj on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2018 by Satyan Raj

Hi Support team,


I want to connect 2x camera (12 bit bayer) to iMX6 processor. In the reference manual, Table 37-2 (Data Formats Supported By The Camera Port) comments only about 9-10 bit/value and 16 bit/value.


In order to connect a 12-bit  camera output, Can I use the following hardware connection

IPUx_CSIx_DATA08 ----> CAM_DATA_0,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA09 ----> CAM_DATA_1,


IPUx_CSIx_DATA11 ----> CAM_DATA_3,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA12 ----> CAM_DATA_4,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA13 ----> CAM_DATA_5,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA14 ----> CAM_DATA_6,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA15 ----> CAM_DATA_7,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA16 ----> CAM_DATA_8,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA17 ----> CAM_DATA_9,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA18 ----> CAM_DATA_10,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA19 ----> CAM_DATA_11,

IPUx_CSIx_DATA20 ----> CAM_DATA_12,

and other signal HSYNC , VSYNC, PCLK, MCLK to the IMX6?


Can I use the rest of the signal associated with the camera interface (IPUx_CSIx_DATA00 to IPUx_CSIx_DATA07) for alternate function?