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Calculating PWM duty cycle from input pin

Question asked by Rudy Coppens on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Mark Butcher


I thought I will make in a short time a function that calculates the PWM duty cycle of a fixed PWM signal. 

The following steps I made to implement this:

-Start an interrupt for the right port and pin

-If rising edge occurs start a LPTMR timer and set the interrupt to falling edge

-If falling edge stop the timer and calculate the duty cycle


My problem is that I use whole PORTA as interrupt. Therefore I tried "PORT_SetPinInterruptConfig" and "FGPIO_PortGetInterruptFlags" to read out the right pin. This code beneath doesn't work at all. It will not enter the IRQ. In "fsl_GPIO" you have functions with PORT and functions with PINS that is really confusing. When do you use what? 


My setup is:

-NXP MKE14F512

-FreeRTOS operating system

-MCUXpresso 10.1.1


The used code is below and I also added some output data as attached file. 

The function "Read_Pump" is called every 5 seconds 


//Read in the PWM duty cycle of the pump and give back the duty cycle in %
/*-Set the interrupt of the pump pin to rising edge
*-Enable the interrupt of port A
*-In interrupt handler save timer value
*-If pulse was not started start timer and set pin interrupt to falling edge, remember timer has started
*-If pulse was started calculate duty cycle and store value
void Read_Pump(void)
   //Set the pump port pin to interrupt rising edge
   PORT_SetPinInterruptConfig(GPIOA, 37U, kPORT_InterruptRisingEdge);
   //Enable the interrupt


   //uint32_t Interrept_Flags_A = FGPIO_PortGetInterruptFlags(PORTA_BASE_ADDRESS);
   uint32_t Timer_Value = LPTMR_GetCurrentTimerCount(DEMO_LPTMR_BASE);

   uint32_t flags = GPIO_GetPinsInterruptFlags(GPIOA);


   /* Clear external interrupt flag. */
   GPIO_ClearPinsInterruptFlags(GPIOA, 37U << 7U);

      //Stop the timer
      LPTMR_StopTimer(DEMO_LPTMR_BASE); //Stop the time
   //Calculate the PWM duty cycle in %
   Timer_Value = Timer_Value * 78125; //LPO clock is 128Khz 1/128Khz = 7,8125 us
   Timer_Value = Timer_Value/1333333; //75Hz period time 1/75 = 13333,33 us
   SUS_Data.Pump_In_Duty = Timer_Value; //Store PWM duty to local variable
   Pulse_Started = false;
      //start the timer and switch the interrupt flag to failing edge and make Pulse_Started True
      LPTMR_StartTimer(DEMO_LPTMR_BASE); //Start the timer
      PORT_SetPinInterruptConfig(GPIOA, 37U, kPORT_InterruptFallingEdge);
      Pulse_Started = true;