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Based on i.mx7ulp porting LPDDR2 SDRAM

Question asked by Sam Liu on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Sam Liu

Hello everyone,

  I'm new here,could you give me a few pointers with LPDDR2 SDRAM porting.

  In my project, it's base on i.mx7ulp and the original Yocto BSP is set for LPDDR3.
Now I want to change the LPDDR3 to LPDDR2(1G) for my project's design, I already use the LPDDR2_RegisterProgrammingAid_V0_2.xlsx to create LPDDR2 relate setting register parameter in file.


According to "I.MX BSP Porting Guide " I already do some edit but I still have some question as below :


1. Whether I only need according to the register setting sequence and value in fill all parameter into the "imximage.cfg file" and then rebuild : bitbake -f -c compile u-boot-imx ?

Is there any files need to modify for porting SDRAM form LPDDR3 change to LPDDR2 ?


2. If the register setting sequence in imximage.cfg file is not match file , it will lead to an error or not?


3. Does the mx7ulp_evk.h file need to modify?


4.The //PCC0 ,//PCC1 and //PCC2 relate register setting in " file" are all set to value: 0x40000000 , whether I don't need fill these setting into imximage.cfg file?


5. The plugin.S file in git/board/freescale/mx7ulp_evk need to modify or not ? Does this file will be used when u-boot in boot phase?