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mpc5674f  branch to application from bootloader

Question asked by Rogan Choi on Jun 12, 2018

Hi, I have a some Q which is about flash resident bootloader.


i wrote jump function in bootloader project



asm void SYS_Jump2App(void)


    /* Load reset vector address */

  lis        r3,0x0010
  ori   r3,r3,0x0004
  lwz   r3,0(r3)
  /* move address to link register */
  mtlr  r3
  /* branch link register - start the user application */




when i execute that SYS_Jump2App function after download Application via serial ,  it is not working


I saw PC value , it is 0010_01000 ...


example used SIU register.. but i wanna try another way