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Sometimes interrupts do not work after unexpected reset.

Question asked by Eric_t d on Jun 11, 2018
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I have a firmware that runs on MC9S12XDT512 and MC9S12XEQ512 controller.

There is bug in my code that causes (after few days of operation) unexpected reset.

I do not know yet what causes the reset, but the big problem is that after the unexpected reset, the interrupts sometimes do not work.

Please not that most of the times the interrupts work fine.

After the initialization of the controller, I have a routine that waits modulus timer to trigger an interrupt. The trigger never happens and uC waits for ever.

I have made hotsync and I saw that hiwave shows that maskable interrupt was enable, modulus timer was enable and run (TEN=1), but interrupt trigger never comes.

Also, I have found out that all maskable interrupts do not work.

It looks like as if the maskable interrupts do not work anymore.


I have run out of ideas and I do not know what to do.

Does anyone have similar problem?