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MfgTool: flash multiple devices in parallel and pass a specific input argument different for each board

Question asked by Paolo La Camera on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Paolo La Camera

I am using MfgTool (IMX6_L4.9.11_1.0.0_MFG_TOOL) to flash up to 4 devices in parallel for my custom board based on imx6q.

I have my custom .vbs file and everything works fine meaning I am able to flash 4 images properly specifying PortMgrDlg=4 (or -p 4  as argument of mfgtoo2.exe).  So far so good. 

Now I would like to extend my usage to flash a board-specific parameter (e.g. MAC address).

As hard requirement I still want to flash 4 boards in parallel (to save time while producing the boards) and I want this input parameter to be different for each of the 4 board (e.g. specific MAC address per board).

I know I can add a custom input argument (in cfg.ini or as extra option with -s while running mfgtool2.exe) but if I do like this, the same extra input argument will be applied to all the 4 devices.

Is there any way to do it per specific board? I mean - one parameter/value for the board connected to port1, another one for the one connected  to port2 ,  port 3 and port4 respectively?

Thanks in advance!