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HRESET_B  not deasserted after PORESET_B deasserted and PBL RCW setting

Question asked by Yasunori Soejima on Jun 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by Yasunori Soejima


We have built a custom board using LS1020A.

But,HRESET_B can not deasserted after PORESET_B deasserted at power-on and RCW setting.

And after about 1 minute,RESET_REQ_B is asserted.

And try to connect code warrior.

Then displayed"!MESSAGE CCSProtocolPlugin::Can't connect to CCS".


We checked the below

1,PORESET_B 1ms or more asserted after power-on.
2,Power sequence is good.
3.Supply Voltage is good.
4,POR configs setup/hold time is good.(PBL RCW = 0x9D)
5,SYSCLK/DDR CLK(single ended) = 64MHz.
6,cfg_eng_use0 = 1(single ended)


Is there anything else we need to check?