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How to flash a single (no bord) Kinetis MCU

Question asked by Alex Loban on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Alex Loban

Im a very beginner in embedded system,

i use it only for hobby, a learnd c last year and its very very beautifull to programming on Kinetis MCU and i dont like to swicht to other platform, a lot of people write about documenation of kinetis but i love it its nice !

I have now a kwikstik (with J-Link interface) and make me now a second buy-list for my hobby and need your help !

My first buy list is not really working.

I have a idea for a good friend and i will finish my project on my pcb.


I try last days to flash K04Z in tssop package to flash / erase via SWD KWIKSTIK,  but J-Link can not find the mcu (i try it with extra power supply too.)


And now my question for my buy-list 

Its possible to flash / debug a single chip on breadboard, no dev board  (if i buy it from distributors like mouser or digikey ...)

wich hardware i need to do it simpel

i think its possible, i see a lot of tutorial about stm32 but not for Kinetis..




Thank you !