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Association request response is not received

Question asked by vihang jani on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by vishal zadafiya

Hi All,


I am using JN-AN-1229 (ZigBee PRO Application Template for ZigBee 3.0).

I have not received association request response to EndDevice by Coordinator.


Issue scenario steps :

1) Start Coordinator application set with E_STARTUP state

2) vStartup API is set as E_NETWORK_FORMATION.

3) Call ZPS_eAplZdoPermitJoining(0xff); API in vWaitForNetworkFormation API.

4) Association request and response pkt received upto 10 minutes.

5) Check traces after 15 minutes but not received any single association request response pkt.


NOTE : Every time,It's reproducible issue


Please reply ASAP.