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i.Mx 8M Quad Lite power supply constraints unclear

Question asked by Simon Braun on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by Simon Braun

Hi there,


I'm currently designing the power rails for the i.Mx 8M Quad Lite and came across two specifications for the maximum supply currents assumed for the Core, SoC, etc.:


In the i.Mx 8M datasheet for industrial products on page 18 the maximum supply current for the ARM, SoC, GPU, VPU is stated as 3100 mA, 2500 mA, 2040 mA and 610 mA respectively, while in the i.Mx 8M Hardware Developer's Guide on page 33 the currents are stated as 4 A, 3.6 A, 2 A and 1 A, respectively.


Are the values in the HW Dev. Guide given with an extra security margin for PCB design and the values in the industrial grade data sheet the more accurate power consumption? 

I'm wondering which one to choose for my Buck/Boost converters.


Many thanks in advance,