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False Positive Acceptance with CAN Rx FIFO?

Question asked by gbrowne on Jun 7, 2018
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One of our QA engineers picked up on false positives in the CAN message acceptance today.


We set a FLEXCAN_MSG_ID_STD global mask to 0x7FF (i.e. exact match) using FLEXCAN_DRV_SetRxFifoGlobalMask() - I can verify that the value of CAN0->RXFGMASK is properly set to 0x1FFC0000.


Then the filter is set to 0x51C using FLEXCAN_DRV_ConfigRxFifo() with FLEXCAN_RX_FIFO_ID_FORMAT_A format.


However, messages with a CAN ID of 0x11C are being accepted using FLEXCAN_DRV_RxFifoBlocking().  So it looks like only part of the mask is working (potentially)...


Any ideas what I may be missing?