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how to correctly load a FIT image from barebox on imx6ul platform

Question asked by Mihaita Ivascu on Jun 7, 2018



    I would need to to load a FIT image(.itb image) from barebox. I know it is possible from uboot. Barebox source code also has support for loading FIT image so it should be possible here as well.

    I have configured the recipe for generating itb almost as it was done for uboot minus removing uboot headers

     i have generated an itb image which judging by its size could be a correct one.

    When I try to load it with bootm at the kernel load address from barebox I get the following issue:


barebox@Phytec phyCORE-i.MX6 Ultra Lite SOM:/ bootm -v -a 0x8000 -r /dev/ram0 -o /mnt/mmc/zImage-imx6ul-phytec-phyboard-segin-ff-rdk.dtb /mnt/mmc/Trimble-base-image-imx6ul.itb

Loading open firmware Device Tree flattened Binary '/mnt/mmc/Trimble-base-image-imx6ul.itb'
no image handler found for image type open firmware Device Tree flattened Binary
handler failed with: No such device


   I have looked at bootm_find_handler function that generates this message and it could be that the .itb format is not supported in barebox(the support for FITIMAGE is enabled though in the barebox) ?

  One other possibility is that I did not configured the parameters for bootm correctly. here 0x800 is the load address for the zImage in the bitbake recipe that builds the FIT image.

   Does anyone has experience with loading FIT images from barebox and could give me some suggestions on what would I need to check further in order to identify and fix the issue?