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Build A71CH host package for non i.MX6 platforms

Question asked by Angeliki Leonida on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Stefan Brändle




actually i have 2 questions: 


1. I try to build A71CH  host package on a raspberry and use it as a host MCU for A71CH.


I downloaded run on rasberry and run


I get an error while running script:


~/test_AC71/axHostSw/linux# ./ all
Script to automatically build/evaluate build success of specific A71CH solution binaries
Compiling all binaries
** Assume we run on RspPi **
Unreachable branch reached: Fatal script error


2. It is not clear from the documentation how to build the configure tool package. 

does ./ all build all the reference tools?

e.g. there is a reference for a71chConfig_i2c_imx tool for i.MX6 in AN12119.pdf 

but i cannot find any target for a71chConfig in the A71chConfig makefile.


BR , Angeliki