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Unable to read the global variables from vxWorks Shell.

Question asked by Ravi Kumar on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by alexander.yakovlev


I have a PPC T2080 target operating on vxWorks 5.4.2 RTOS. As vxWorks has a flat memory access environment, when I am trying to read a global variable from the shell, it end up with the message 'Undefined symbol'. The global variable is initialized with 0.

unsigned int rdyQCnt = 0;


But later when I initialized the variable with 1 (other than 0), I am able to read the value of this global variable from vxWorks shell.

unsigned int rdyQCnt = 1;

What I didn't understand is:

1. Global variable initialized with 0 resides in .bss section. But still not accessible from shell. why?

2. Global variable initialized with non-zero value,  resides in .data section. But still accessible from shell.


Thanks in advance.