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T2080 Satax_TransCfg recommended setting

Question asked by William Buder on Jun 6, 2018
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Want to clarify what the recommend RX_WATER_MARK setting is for the T2080. In section 22.3.16 of Rev 3 of the reference manual for the SATAx_TransCfg register in the description of the RX_WATER_MARK it specifies an initial value of 15 is recommended. Is this 15 in hex or decimal? The default reset configuration of the register sets RX_WATER_MARK to 10110b 0x16. The freescale sata driver for linux sets the watermark to TRANSCFG_RX_WATER_MARK = (1 << 4).  What should the value of RX_WATER_MARK be set to?