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RT1050 QSPI flash configuration for alternate flash with GNU toolchain

Question asked by Joshua Sakwa on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Alain Olivier
For our design we plan to use flash W25Q32JV and it looks like we will need to change the SPI Flash register format the same way as AN12183. However, I couldn't find any definition for ISSI_CMD_WRSR in the EVK code-base. Additionally I was not able to find the code-fragment containing the WriteStatusReg8 etc. I'm using EVK version 2.3.1 with GNU toolchain. Do I need to use IAR to make these changes?
Changes suggested by AN12183 summarized below:
A couple of related questions:
  • Am I correct to assume that: "FLEXSPI_LUT_INST" has been replaced by "FLEXSPI_LUT_SEQ", and the format changed?
  • Do you have any documentation on this format?
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