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S32K Crystal Transconductance (g_m_xosc) specification

Question asked by Damien Dusha on Jun 6, 2018
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(Note this question has been edited and simplified from the original post)


I am looking to clarify some of the crystal oscillator specifications for the S32K.


In Table 16 of the S32K datasheet, several values for g_m_xosc are specified:


I can see that the 4-8MHz vs the 8-40MHz can be selected through  SCG_SOSCCFG (p572 S32K RM), but the datasheet does not seem to provide guidance as to whether the transconductance min/max values of 16mA/V and 47mA/V refer to "low-gain" or "high-gain" operation. 


Are there differences in transconductance between these two modes?


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