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i.MX RT1050 LPSPI Driver Usage

Question asked by Kyle Hutchens on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by Nick Guzzardo

A few questions regarding the LPSPI driver.


1) Does the FreeRTOS version of the driver use DMA? It doesn't appear to from my quick scan of the source. If not, is it straightforward to enable DMA using the FreeRTOS version of this driver?


2) How is the FreeRTOS LPSPI intended to be called? From what I can tell, you have to initialize the driver first with a lpspi_master_config_t struct, which includes things like PCS and frame size, then initiate a transfer. This implies that the driver must be reinitialized each time I want to change either PCS or frame size. Am I understanding this correctly?


I'm basically trying to understand how to use this driver to allow several threads to access different ICs on the same SPI bus.